Remote Learning Activities

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Please click the link below for the Remote Learning Plan activities for the week of April 13 - 17. 

Remote Learning Plan Activities April 13 - 17

During the school closure the district recognizes that remote learning is going to be different than normal school.  Many parents and students understandably, may be feeling a little overwhelmed during this time.  While we all have a desire for students to remain engaged while at home, please understand that families should focus first and foremost on their overall well-being: work together as a family during this time, play together as a family, and when opportunities allow – learn together as a family (through the resources provided and from your own shared experiences).

Remember, any grades assigned during remote learning will be based on the principle of “no educational harm to any student,” that means students will do no worse on their grades than when the mandated closure began.        

Any grades used in Remote Learning may be used to INCREASE a student’s academic standing, but will not be used to negatively hurt a student’s academic record


o promote good social distancing and minimize potential for exposure, the district strongly encourages all that have technology access to use that as the primary method of instruction during remote learning.  Any family that does not have access to technology during remote learning should contact their building principal to request hard copy resources to support students during remote learning by Friday April 17th at 1PM.   Materials should be requested each week if needed. 

Principals can be reached by the following methods:

WHS = Mr. Goodlove    Email =  Phone = 267-2183 ext. 400

WJHS = Mr. Ellison       Email =         Phone = 267-2185 ext. 300

Giacoma = Mr. Ford      Email =           Phone = 267-2154 ext. 200