Santas Anonymous

Dear Westville Parents and Guardians,

Santas Anonymous is a local organization that provides assistance to families who need support at Christmas.  Santas Anonymous was designed to support Westville families who do NOT receive any other assistance from organizations, family, and/or friends.  Each year Santas Anonymous puts out a pre-application to identify potential recipients and to avoid the duplication of support for participating families.  If you would like to have your elementary and/or junior high school student considered for support please complete the Santas Anonymous Pre-Application at the following link:

Santas Anonymous Pre-Application

Pre-Applications are due Thursday October 24, 2021 and will not be received late.

For those students who are identified to receive support, Santas Anonymous will make arrangements for a final application to be completed to coordinate the needs of each specific child.

Questions about Santas Anonymous and the application process should be directed to Debbie Seripinas at 267-7737 or Darlene Oakes at 267-3313.