COVID Update

Dear Westville School Community,

As many may have heard, this past Friday evening a judge in Sangamon County court ruled that certain COVID procedures were null and void for the districts named in the lawsuit.  While Westville School District was NOT named in the suit our district has been following this case closely as it is likely to impact beyond just those districts  named in the suit.  With that said the ruling on Friday is being appealed and a decision on that appeal is expected by Thursday February 17.

At this point in time (Sunday February 6) our plan at Westville School District is to continue with our normal operations for school tomorrow (just as we have conducted school since August) as we continue to sort out the effect of this ruling. 

Our board of education has been committed to safely returning school to pre-pandemic conditions as quickly as possible.  With that said, our students and staff have not been in our buildings since Tuesday February 1 due to the inclement weather.  In order to put together a plan that our teachers, bus drivers, and staff can safely carry out; we need a little more time to help unpack what the impact of the Sangamon county ruling will be (even as the case awaits appeal).

It is my hope that our school community (students, staff, parents, and greater community) will understand our desire to put together a good plan that strives for normalcy while also making sure that we account for student, staff, and community safety.

I would encourage your patience as we work swiftly and diligently to plan for a return to normal pre-pandemic conditions as quickly and safely as possible.  Our teachers, classroom aides, and administrators are each committed to doing the best we can to serve your students.  In a time of uncertainty and change, we will all benefit by extending grace and working together for common solutions.  More information will be provided as this situation develops and we have time to develop a thoughtful plan to best meet student needs.

Thank you for your understanding and support of Westville Schools,

Seth Miller, Ph.D.


Westville School District #2