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Many Opportunities to Pursue a Career in Teaching

There has never been a greater time to start your career in education.  Eastern Illinois University and Danville Area Community College are partnering to bring Vermilion County several opportunities to start a career in education and to further your education if you are currently teaching.  Below is information and are several helpful links to assist interested candidates on how to participate in these programs.

Night School Elementary Education Cohort

Individuals who would like to start a career as an elementary education teacher can access more information about an EIU night school program starting at DACC tentatively scheduled to launch in the fall of 2019.

Related information about these programs can be found at the following links:

EIU DACC Next Steps Flyer

EIU Student Information Sheet for 2019-22 Cohort

EIU Teaching Cohort Presentation

DACC Informational Letter for DACC Students Interested in EIU Teacher Cohort

Questions about the EIU Night School Program can be directed to the following university officials for further assistance

Jeff Duck

(217) 581-7895

Academic Advisor

Eastern Illinois University

Dawn Nassar

(217) 443-8755

Coordinator of Campus and Community Resources and Academic Adviser

Danville Area Community College

Stephanie Potts

(217) 443-8749

Director of Academic Advisement and Counseling and Articulation Coordinator

Danville Area Community College

Superintendent Cohort Program

Current teachers and administrators who are interested in studying to earn their superintendent endorsement, should pay attention to a EIU program coming to DACC tentatively set to start in the Summer of 2019. 

Information on the Superintendent Cohort Program can be found at the following link:

EIU Superintendent Specialist Degree Flyer

Questions about the EIU Superintendent Cohort Program can be directed to the following university officials for further assistance

Cliff Karnes

(217) 581-6672 or (618) 599-0058

Ed Leadership Department Chair

Eastern Illinois University

Nick Osborne

(217) 581-6672 or (618) 204-1948


Eastern Illinois University

Financial Support

Several opportunities exist to help provide financial assistance for students pursuing degrees in education.  Some opportunities are based on financial need, academic merit, and other qualifications.

Information about Available Financial Assistance can be found at the following links:

EIU Aim High Scholarships

EIU Grow Your Own Rural School Education Project

DACC Foundation Scholarship Application Homepage

Job Opportunities at Westville School District

Additional Opportunities to work in Westville School District may be found by clicking the following link

Westville School District Job Opportunities

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