Dear Westville School Community,


Westville High School has released its plan for prom on May 1, 2021.  There will be certain changes to our traditional prom events in light of appropriate COVID considerations that must be accounted for, but the district has developed a plan that will allow for a junior and senior prom.  The prom event is available exclusively to those junior and senior Westville High School students who RSVP and choose to participate.  Please see the related



All WHS junior and senior students who are eligible to attend prom must register and purchase tickets $3 per person $5 per couple by Friday April 16.  The reservation is necessary for food and seating capacity restrictions.  Reservations will be due to Ms. Kash the WHS prom sponsor.  Each ticket includes appetizer style food that will be available throughout the night, beverages, and digital photography that will be made available at no cost provide on the school Facebook page.


Date – Time – Location

The junior and senior prom will take place Saturday May 1 at Turtle Run Banquet Center in Danville.  The doors will open at 6PM and the dance will conclude at 11PM.



Prom Coronation and Post-Prom Information

Due to capacity limitations prom attendance will be limited to only WHS juniors and seniors and school chaperones.  Parents and visitors will not be able to attend the dance and/or coronation, however the coronation ceremony will be live streamed on the school Facebook account for families to watch and photographs will also be taken and uploaded to the school Facebook page after the event.  There will be no school sponsored post prom activities scheduled.  All normal WHS school rules associated for dances and extra-curricular events will be in place.  When students leave prom the facility they will not be allowed to return. 


COVID Protocols for the Graduation Ceremony

  • Only WHS juniors, seniors, and WHS chaperones will be allowed to attend.
  • Masks are mandatory for all attendees and must be worn while inside school buildings – except when having pictures taken and while seated for dinner
  • Participants should maintain six feet of social distancing to the extent possible while inside the building
  • Individuals who are experiencing any of the following symptoms must not enter the school building: fever, cough, sore throat, headache, lost of taste/smell, difficulty breathing, chills, vomiting
  • All attendees will have their temperature taken upon arrival to the school building and individuals with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will not be permitted to enter the school building.




Westville High School has worked hard to provide this opportunity for the students who want to participate in the prom ceremony.  We recognize that some aspects of prom will be different than usual, but appreciate the support and cooperation in helping make this event a success for the students involved.