Friday October 1st is the WHS Homecoming Game at the newly renovated Memorial Field.  Please help us make this a great event and review some important information about the event.

Gates will open at 5PM 

Field Entrance - there will be two entrances to the football field.  One entrance will be in the southwest corner of the student parking lot.  It is anticipated the student lot will fill up very quickly.  The second entrance will be the south rolling gate at the location of the old concession stand.  This will be a high traffic location serving as access to the field for spectators, teams, and the marching band.  Please be patient with event staff and they will work hard to get everyone through efficiently.

Parking will be very limited.  WHS students are encouraged to walk or carpool if possible so we can be gracious hosts to our visitors and community.  Parking at WHS will be limited to the student lot, the teachers parking lot, and the superintendent's parking lot.  There will not be parking behind the softball and baseball field, nor will there be parking allowed on the school grounds.  Area businesses are aware of the larger crowd that is expected.  Please be courteous and consider patronizing our local businesses during  your visit.  Additionally, be extremely careful if parking on the east side of Route 1 and walking to the game.

Handicapped Parking.  The east side fence along the football field will be reserved exclusively for handicapped parking.  It has ADA accessibility to sidewalks and newly installed wheelchair ramps on both the home and visitor's grandstand.

Pre-Game Entertainment.  The WHS booster club will be providing concessions for the evening.  Spectators who arrive early will be provided access to some pre-game videos (some that have already been release on social media and some that will be aired on the day of the game).  Enjoy the show and we sincerely hope that  it is a great experience for our school community.