Summer Surge

Summer Surge is Back!

Dear Westville School Community,

Westville School District is happy to announce that Summer Surge will once again take place!  If you are looking for a way to keep your students active and learning, here are some great options!

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Elementary/Junior High Program at Judith Giacoma Elementary School

Students at Giacoma will explore STEM, science, and art along with meaningful practice in reading and math skills.  Please see the attached links for grade-specific information.

Who:  K-8th

Dates:  Monday June 6th- Friday, July 1st

Hours:  8:30am-12pm

Daily Student Schedule




Learning Activities

11-11:30am or 11:30-12pm




*Students will have a 20 minute block of either Spanish or PE each day!

*Transportation will be provided.

Students will need to be registered by May 5th.  Daily attendance is expected.  (The district will work with pre-arranged absences, but the expectation is that students will be in attendance unless they have an excused absence.)

For Information on Summer Surge Learning Activities Click Below

Kindergarten Summer Surge Curriculum

First Grade Summer Surge Curriculum

Second Grade Summer Surge Curriculum

Third Grade Summer Surge Curriculum

Fourth Grade Summer Surge Curriculum

Middle School Summer Surge Curriculum

Junior High Students Have Options!

All junior high students will have the option to participate in the K-8 academic program at Giacoma; or the Strength, Speed, and Sport Specific Training at Westville High School.  Junior high students who need bus transportation to participate in the WHS SSSST program will have that provided.  Those students will automatically be enrolled in a WJHS Academic club in the morning before the SSSST program begins.  Junior high students who do not need transportation and/or who do not want to participate in the academic program will be allowed to participate in the SSST alone, if desired.

Middle School Summer Surge Curriculum

Speed Strength and Sport Specific Training Summer Schedule

Westville High School Program Information

Strength, speed, and sport specific training will allow students to continue to grow and develop as student athletes under the direction and guidance of our coaches.  The classroom portion of Driver’s Education will be offered to interested students.

Who:  6th-12th

Dates:  Wednesday June 1st- Friday, July 1st

Daily Schedule







WJHS Academic Club;

WHS Strength, Speed, and Sport Specific Training


WJHS Lunch


WJHS Strength, Speed, and Sport Specific Training

(WJHS students dismissed at 12:30pm)

WHS Lunch 

(WHS students dismissed at 10:30am)



Classroom Driver’s Ed

Students will need to be registered by May 5th.  Attendance is expected for all programs.  Students with more than two absences in Driver’s Ed will be at risk of losing their credit. 

The SSSST program will work with pre-arranged absences (such as a scheduled family vacation), but the expectation for the remainder of time is that students participate daily unless they have an excused absence.  High school students who are involved in a spring sport (baseball, softball, and track) will be eligible to participate and can work with their coach to determine when it is appropriate to begin the SSSST program so they can avoid overload with their practice and competition schedules.  Spring sport WHS students should indicate if they intend to participate when their spring season is finished.

Speed Strength and Sport Specific Training Summer Schedule 

Project Success Opportunities

Project Success will be offering before and after care programs at Giacoma.  The morning program will run from 8-8:30am.  The afternoon program will run from 12-3pm.

WJHS Project Success enrichment program (for 7th and 8th graders) will take place at Giacoma from 12-3pm.

The WHS Project Success program will be focused on credit recovery through a computer-based program for any student who is behind in credits.  This program will run from 8-1pm.  (June 6th-July 15th)

Register by May 5th to Help Final Planning and Enrollment

All summer programming is subject to student participation, logistical coordination, and availability.  If there is not enough student participation some parts of this innovative program may not be able to be supported.  

Students are encouraged to sign up by May 5th to reserve their spot and assist with further planning.  Families with multiple students should register